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Learn About Montana's Mining History 
Bannack, Montana
August 13, 2022

Join Front Seat Tours on a fun and informative tour to Montana's first mining town and territorial capital. Bannack was settled in 1862 when gold was discovered on nearby Grasshopper Creek. Very soon after, men from all over the country began to descend on Bannack in hopes of striking it rich. At its peak, Bannack was home to over 3,000 residents. 

On our tour you'll walk inside original buildings from the 1800s, including Bannack's remaining hotels, schools, stores, and cabins. You'll also see Montana's very first Governor's Mansion. Bannack was the scene of several vigilante hangings in 1864, including that of its infamous sheriff, Henry Plummer, and we'll stand on the spot where the sheriff met his death at the end of a rope.  

Our tour will also include a bonus stop on the way to Bannack with great historical significance. Clark's Lookout is just outside Dillon, MT, and it's one of the few places you can literally walk in the footsteps of Lewis & Clark. We'll stand where William Clark stood on August 13, 1805, overlooking the Beaverhead River to get a sense of his surroundings and document the location. As an added treat, we'll also do it on the very day he did, 247 years before. 


Additional Tour Details:

  • Tour cost includes entree fee into Bannack State Park, late-afternoon dinner, and transportation costs.

  • BONUS STOP: We'll visit Clark's Lookout and stand in the very spot William Clark (Lewis & Clark) stood on the anniversary of the day he stood there. 

  • Tour will depart from Bozeman, Montana, rain or shine. In the event that circumstances force the tour to be cancelled, full refunds will be given. 

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Take Our Tour of Bannack, MT
And You'll See:


  • Bannack's First Jail House

  • Montana's First Territorial Governor's Mansion (It's a cabin)

  • The Gallows Where Vigilante Justice Was Swift & Deadly

  • County Court House Built in 1875

  • Dozens of Buildings Dating back to the 1800s

  • Bannack Cemetary

  • Clark's Lookout: Where You'll Stand Where William Clark (Lewis & Clark) Stood on August 13, 1805

Tour Cost:

$150/per person

No Longer Taking Reservations for This Tour

Our Summer Weekend Tours Are Hosted By Dave Wooten

Known throughout southwest Montana for his morning radio show, Dave started Front Seat Tours because of his love of history and seeing new places. In addition to radio and being the inspiration behind Front Seat Tours, Dave is also a writer of several books, including his latest, Crazy Horse: Where My Dead Lie Buried. He was named Bozeman's Favorite Author in the 2020 Bozeman Choice Awards.


Dave will be your guide and host for our summer tours. If you have any questions about our tours, reach out to Dave personally at Dave@FrontSeatTours.com.